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5 Ways to Avoid Well Pump Repairs This Winter December 13, 2018

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5 Ways to Avoid Well Pump Repairs This Winter, Putnam, Connecticut

If your home relies on a well pump to provide water, you may find yourself facing some seasonal challenges throughout the winter months. Freezing temperatures and snow can lead to issues like frozen pipes and system malfunctions, necessitating pump repairs. To keep your well pump running smoothly in the cold weather, consider this guide.

5 Tips for Avoiding Wintertime Well Pump Repairs

1. Insulate Pipes

Freezing temperatures can cause the water in your pipes to turn to ice. As the ice expands, it can cause pipes to burst and require emergency well repairs. Prevent this catastrophe by insulating your pipes with insulation sleeves or heat tape found at most local hardware stores.

2. Seal the Pump House

One of the simplest preventive tasks you can perform for the winter is ensuring your pump house is well-sealed. Inspect the area to see if there are any cracks or areas where cold air could enter, and have them repaired as needed. Make sure the door is always kept closed.

3. Consider Using Heaters

Some homeowners also use space heaters or heat lamps to maintain warmth around their pump house. While this is an effective solution for preventing freezing, it’s also crucial to make sure the heaters don’t present any fire hazards. Consider using an automatic timer to minimize risks.

4. Remove Any Debris

pump repairsIf your well equipment is located outdoors — including the wellhead — make sure there is no debris surrounding it. Make sure the land surrounding the wellhead is sloped away — not toward — the well. Clear away snowfall shortly after storms stop to confirm the area is kept open.

5. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Finally, it’s recommended that you have your well pump inspected in the late fall or early winter to ensure any necessary repairs are made promptly. This can prevent you from facing large-scale issues in the middle of the season or having to go long periods without running water.


If you’re a homeowner in Putnam, CT, or any town east of the Connecticut River, Dalmik Well Drilling can help keep your well pump running efficiently through the winter months and beyond. Specializing in inspections and pump repairs, this experienced well company has been serving the community for over 30 years. They can also perform pump installations and well drilling. Call (800) 928-6220 to schedule an inspection for your pump, or learn more about their repair services online.

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