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5 Tips for Dividing Holidays After a Divorce December 14, 2018

Albemarle, Stanly
5 Tips for Dividing Holidays After a Divorce, Albemarle, North Carolina

The holidays can be a magical time of year, especially if you have children. However, if you have recently gone through a divorce and are sharing custody, the holidays can increase your stress as you attempt to figure out how to fairly allocate your children’s time. Learning to create a co-parenting schedule can help alleviate some of the negative feelings by minimizing the chance of unwanted conflict.

4 Tips for Dividing Holidays After Divorce

1. Discuss Alternating Holidays Each Year

To maximize time with their children, some parents prefer spending an entire holiday with their kids rather than interrupting the day midway through. If this is the case, discuss a custody schedule that allows each parent to have the full holiday every other year. 

2. Consider Splitting Time During the Holidays

If you prefer to spend at least some time with your children during every holiday, you may want to explore the idea of splitting the days. Here, the children would spend part of the day at each parent’s home. Whether the time is during the morning or night is a detail that can be alternated each year.   

3. Spend the Holiday as One Family Unit

Depending upon how the marriage ended, it may be possible to continue to spend the holiday together as one family despite living in different homes. The idea is to spend the holiday at one home, minimizing the need to intricately schedule and plan. 

4. Communicate

Family LawyerCustody conflicts or arguments can cause disruption during the holidays. Maintaining an open line of communication between you and your former spouse can reduce the potential for conflicts to arise. 


If you are interested in creating a functional and easy co-parenting schedule, contact The Fulcher Law Firm in Stanly County, North Carolina. The family lawyer helps clients with everything from custody arrangements to adoption proceedings. They have been in business for nearly 20 years. Call (704) 984-6060 today to schedule a consultation or visit them online

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