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3 Tasty Foods to Eat on Buns December 13, 2018

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3 Tasty Foods to Eat on Buns, North Gates, New York

From attending backyard barbecues and games at ballparks to visiting burger restaurants, eating food on buns is commonplace during various activities. As the fare doesn’t require a knife and fork, people can enjoy the food without a flat surface or the fear of dropping it. Finding the right protein-packed filling is essential to ensure you enjoy every bite, so consider these options when deciding.

3 Foods That Pair Perfectly With Buns

1. Hotdog

burger-restaurantWhether pork, beef, chicken, or soy, hotdogs have a distinct taste thanks to paprika, pepper, ground mustard, celery seed, garlic powder, and salt. The links have a smoky taste when grilled and a buttery flavor when boiled. When visiting your local fast food eatery or burger restaurant, opt to pair the bun with onions, mustard, or sautéed peppers. The earthy, tart notes help balance the salty meat’s taste.

2. Italian Sausage

To satisfy different preferences, both sweet and spicy versions of Italian sausage are available. The meat is often prepared with ground pork, fennel, and garlic with chili pepper added to hotter varieties. To elevate the flavor profile of sweet sausage, opt for sweet peppers or sautéed mushrooms. For those who can handle the heat, fresh jalapenos, spicy mustard, and a few dashes of hot sauce complement the hints of chili in hot Italian sausage. Regular pork sausage offers a milder taste and a great foundation for any of the aforementioned toppings.

3. Hamburger

Serving ground beef patties on buns is popular for both casual and fine dining, which is why burger restaurants are staples in communities throughout the world. When visiting an eatery, opt to pair the burger with your favorite cheese on top as well as a ripe slice of tomato, crisp lettuce, and tangy onion. The cheese will add a gooey texture to the sandwich, while the vegetables will balance the salty notes of the dairy and protein.


Whether you live in Rochester, NY, or are visiting the city, stop and grab a bite to eat at Steve T. Hots & Potatoes. The burger restaurant is a popular outpost for residents throughout Monroe County who crave Zweigle’s® hot dogs, cheeseburger plates, sausage sandwiches, and more flavorful, high-quality food. To learn about the selection at the family-owned and -operated eatery, call (585) 429-6388. A team member is happy to share side suggestions to complete your meal. You can also check out the menu online. For an idea of what to order, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page to see food photos.

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