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3 Qualities a Check Cashing Company Should Have December 6, 2018

Newport, Campbell
3 Qualities a Check Cashing Company Should Have, Newport, Kentucky

Sometimes, you can’t afford to wait for the bank to open to cash a check, and a check cashing company is your best bet for a quick payday. There are numerous establishments in every community, so it can be difficult to know which to select when making a decision. There are essential qualities the right company should have, so to ensure a positive experience, look for the ones below.

Qualities of a Good Check Cashing Company

1. Convenience

The key word in non-traditional banking is convenience. If a check cashing company’s business hours are the same as a bank, it defeats the purpose. The ideal establishment should have convenient hours after the workday, as well as on weekends. This is especially important if you receive a paycheck on a Friday afternoon. Convenient hours ensure you can always access your money.

2. Quality Customer Service

check-cashing-advance-u-cashFinance isn’t always an easy subject to navigate, even if you’re only cashing a check. Many companies also offer money orders, bill payments, cash advances, and more, and understanding the associated legal language can be complicated. A reputable check cashing company understands this and will take the time to walk you through everything. This ensures no hidden fees or mix-ups, and you can count on them for future assistance as needed.

3. Reasonable Fees

Check cashing companies all carry fees with their processing services that take a portion of the check you’re cashing. These can vary from place to place, so look for somewhere with low, reasonable fees. This applies to short-term loans, payday loans, advances, and other financial services as well. You want to minimize your expenses, and while convenience does cost money, a low-fee establishment will ensure you don’t overpay.


If you need a cash advance or fast-track check cashing services, turn to Advance U Cash. Located in Florence, KY, Newport, KY, and Alexandria, KY, they offer a variety of financial services to customers, including short-term loans and check cashing services. They proudly assist customers who have filed for bankruptcy or have poor credit as well, and you can explore their services further on their website. To speak with their staff, call (859) 746-2274 today.

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