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What You Should Know About Tailoring Before Buying Clothes December 12, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
What You Should Know About Tailoring Before Buying Clothes , Manhattan, New York

While your clothing doesn’t define you, it does say a lot about you. A well-tailored suit, for instance, can evoke an image of confidence, power, and sophistication, while ill-fitting trousers can suggest you’re not mindful or well put-together. That’s why tailoring is often essential when purchasing new clothes. Here are a few tips before you head to your favorite store. 

4 Tailoring Tips for Buying New Clothes 

1. Factor Tailoring Into Your Budget

Clothing is an investment, particularly when it comes to staple pieces, such as custom suits, trousers, dress shirts, and coats. These items can be expensive, but high-quality pieces will last for years. When budgeting for a new piece, make sure to factor in tailoring expenses. Ensuring your clothing properly fits is part of the full package.

2. Buy the Right Size

tailoringAlthough the point of tailoring is to ensure a flattering fit, you should still aim to buy the correct size. A tailor can only do so much if a piece of clothing is entirely the wrong size, especially if it’s too small. The size doesn’t have to be spot on but it should be as close as possible to your proportions. If it’s a choice between too small or too large, go with something slightly larger, as a tailor can more easily take in fabrics than add to them.

3. Consider Fabric

The type of fabric you purchase is central to comfort, durability, and versatility. Some materials, such as silk, are best suited for formal occasions, while others, such as wool, are ideal for cooler weather. Avoid synthetic blends which are cheaper to produce but also far less breathable and durable. Worsted wool is an excellent choice for suits and sport coats since it’s naturally wrinkle-resistant, durable, long-lasting, and breathable. It’s also easier to tailor than many other fabrics.

4. Find a Top-Notch Tailor

Finding a high-quality article of clothing is just the first step; you’ll also need to find a good tailor. Look for someone with excellent reviews, as there’s no better indication of a tailor’s work than a gold-star reputation. You can also ask to review their portfolio or look for photos of their work on their website. Make sure they’re experienced since there are tricks of the trade that only hands-on experience can teach. 


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