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Assisted Living And Recovering From a Stroke With Visiting Angels July 3, 2015

Fellowship, Marion
Assisted Living And Recovering From a Stroke With Visiting Angels, Fellowship, Florida

Roughly 800,000 people experience a stroke each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recovering from this debilitating jolt to the body often involves re-learning skills such as walking and talking. The senior home care providers at Visiting Angels – Ocala have the training and patience to help your loved ones regain their independence following a stroke.

When a stroke occurs, blood flow is cut off from the brain, which can result in impairment, memory loss and permanent brain damage. The recovery process depends on the severity of the stroke; here are a few areas that often need rehabilitation:

  • Cognitive skills such as reasoning and thinking are affected and can cause memory and judgment problems. Stroke survivors may engage in risky behavior that could put them in dangerous situations.
  • A stroke can limit motor skills such as walking, limb movement and swallowing. Physical therapists use exercises to help build up muscle strength and coordination. Mobility training through the use of walkers, canes or plastic braces can improve ankle strength, which supports body weight as the stroke survivor re-learns to walk.
  • When the left side of the brain is damaged during a stroke, it can affect speech and language. Caregivers and loved ones can help recovery by making eye contact, speaking directly to the person and giving him or her enough time to respond, and limiting conversations to small groups or one-on-one.
  • Incontinence and constipation can also occur more frequently after a stroke. A physician will conduct tests to be sure that there are no infections that are causing urinary or bowel problems. Caregivers can also arrange a bathroom schedule and monitor liquid intake.


Visiting Angels – Ocala offers in-home care to stroke victims. For those who may still need assistance with mobility, these assisted living specialists now offer the AgileLife System, an automated, no-lift patient transfer system that helps the bedridden move in and out of bed easily, safely and quickly. AgileLife virtually eliminates the risk of falls and reduces the development of bed sores through increased mobility and pressure redistribution surfaces.

If you’re in need of respite services or other elder care assistance, call Visiting Angels – Ocala at (352) 620-8484 to share your needs. Visit the website for a more complete overview of everything their senior care team has to offer.

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