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How to Prevent Your Storefront Door Locks From Freezing in the Winter January 8, 2019

Kenvil, Morris County
How to Prevent Your Storefront Door Locks From Freezing in the Winter, Kenvil, New Jersey

As a store owner, you’re responsible for making sure your store is ready and open for business, which means it’s important to keep your storefront doors in optimal condition. Winter will often affect the functionality of your door locks, freezing their moving parts and hinges. Learn how to stop cold weather from affecting your doors below. 

How to Keep Your Door Locks Functional in the Cold

Avoid Salt

Many store owners spread salt on the sidewalks and walkways in the winter to make a safe path for their customers. However, the same salt you use may be the culprit for the gradual corrosion of your storefront door. Minimize salt contact by only spreading salt a few feet away from your doors. Use heated mats to protect your clients instead. 

Oil Locks & Hinges

door locksSnow and rain allow moisture to seep into inner movable components of door locks, making them susceptible to freezing. Before the cold weather hits, apply a layer of oil to the locks. Do the same for all other moving parts of your doors, including pivots and hinges.  

Check Doors Regularly

Doors are used frequently during the busy holiday season, especially if you run a high-volume business. If they’re already in poor condition at the start of the season, added foot traffic will only make matters worse. Inspect them at the beginning of winter and monitor them periodically until spring returns. Note if your doors appear to be opening or closing more slowly than normal, for instance, as this may indicate that the frame is warping or that the oil on the hinge is congealed and needs replacement. Pay particular attention to emergency exits – though they’re used far less frequently, it’s critical that they function properly during a crisis. 


If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith to keep your door locks in working order through the season, turn to Able Security Locksmiths in Kenvil, NJ. They’ve been serving satisfied customers in Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties for over 25 years. They’re available 24 hours a day for any emergency and offer residential and commercial service. They provide a wide range of door care, including repairs, installations, and car key solutions. Call (973)-584-3033 today or learn more about these locksmiths by visiting their website.

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