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A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Memorial Services December 12, 2018

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A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Memorial Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Memorial services give family and friends the opportunity to gather, mourn, and celebrate the life of a lost loved one. Since the remains of the deceased will not be present, this event can be held at whatever date is best for the family. This gives you plenty of time to organize. Use the following guide to effectively plan the service.

How to Plan a Memorial Service

1. Select a Venue

Your first step will be to pick a suitable location. When choosing a venue, consider the needs of guests, the size of the memorial service, and the wishes of your loved one. You’ll want a venue that will accommodate all friends and family comfortably. Common choices include funeral homes, churches, local parks, gardens, and private homes.

2. Decide on Participants

Religious leaders are typically involved in memorial services that are held in houses of worship, and those who knew the deceased will likely read meaningful passages or recite a prayer. For secular services, you will need to choose a primary speaker. They will lead the event, but anyone attending is free to share heartwarming memories, readings, or poems.

3. Invite Guests

memorial servicesOnce you’ve set a date with your selected venue, begin sending out invitations. These should be done via phone call, letter, or email. Let each potential attendee know the scheduled time, location, and date of the service. Make sure you’ve contacted all close friends and family members of the deceased.

4. Organize the Service

While it may seem complicated, creating plans for a memorial service is a fairly set process. Those planning will decide on program details, music, opening words, flowers, photographs, guest books, slideshows, lighting, readings, and closing words. Assign who will be involved in each portion, and the order in which they will occur. Whoever leads the service will follow the plan and ensure it goes smoothly.

5. Set up a Reception

It’s common courtesy to serve attendees refreshments after memorial services. This can be held at the venue or a new location. If you’re unable to prepare food in advance, consider hiring a caterer or holding the reception at a restaurant. Let guests know what to expect well ahead of the service.


The compassionate staff at Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Homes understands how difficult it can be to make plans after the passing of a loved one. That’s why they’re here to assist you every step of the way. As members of the Greater Cincinnati Community, they are committed to helping you honor and respect the wishes of the deceased through moving memorial and funeral services. For information about their funeral planning services, visit their website. Call (513) 661-4059 to discuss your options for memorial services.

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