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5 Foods & Beverages to Avoid for White Teeth December 14, 2018

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5 Foods & Beverages to Avoid for White Teeth, Anchorage, Alaska

It’s a seemingly endless quest to achieve the brightest and most natural looking smile possible. Toothpaste products tout their whitening powers, but dentists also highly recommend avoiding certain foods and drinks if your ultimate goal is a mouth full of pearly whites. Here are five key items to leave off the menu if you’re ready to see some results.

What to Avoid if You Want Whiter Teeth

1. Wine

dentistRed wine is a major culprit that can hinder your progress. The beverage contains tannins, or acidic ingredients that slowly but surely stain and discolor your teeth. Those stains aren’t easy to remove with over-the-counter products. Even white wine can exacerbate the appearance of existing stains.

2. Coffee

If you love your cup of morning coffee, you can still drink it—just enjoy it in moderation so the tannins don’t slowly dye your teeth gray. The acidity can even change your mouth’s pH balance, which means that anything acidic you consume could cause extensive discoloration even faster.

3. Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a highly acidic dietary component that tastes delicious and benefits your health in different ways. On the downside, it can deter your teeth whitening progress significantly because it causes the enamel to erode. That leaves behind a yellowish tinge that only your dentist can tackle through teeth cleaning and whitening.

4. Berries

Berries of all kinds are rich in antioxidants, but they’re also powerful stain producers. The most common culprits are blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, all of which are enriched with deep color. Dentists advise patients to take their cue from the fruit’s stain potential. If it’s likely to leave a lingering mark on your clothes, it’s just as likely to do some damage to your tooth’s color.

5. Tea

No matter how light or dark, tannin-rich tea can also stain your teeth a variety of colors ranging from gray to yellow. Although there’s no specific way to prevent tea from staining short of limiting your consumption, sipping it from a cup with a lid may be helpful.


The dentists at Alpine Family Dentistry take your oral health seriously. Whether you need a basic cleaning or are interested in exploring your teeth whitening options, you can trust these skilled and understanding professionals to help you every step of the way. Based in Eagle River, AK, they’re proud to offer extensive family dentistry services throughout the area—and their goal is to protect the health of your gums and teeth for a lifetime. Visit their website to find out more about how they can help you, or call them at (907) 341-4523 to schedule an appointment.

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