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5 Terms to Listen For When Speaking to a Gold Coin Dealer December 17, 2018

Cheviot, Cheviot
5 Terms to Listen For When Speaking to a Gold Coin Dealer, Cheviot, Ohio

Whether you are interested in rare coins or have just started attending coin shows, understanding the terminology is critical to making the right purchases. Both gold coin dealers and collectors use industry terms to describe details of the goods. Here are some of the most commonly used words to help you out at your next coin show.

5 Terms Used in Coin Collecting

1. Adjustment Marks

Adjustment marking was a result of a practice used in the minting of early US coins. The straight striations were caused by filing the coins to remove excess metal and achieve the proper weight. 

2. Commemorative

Commemoratives are limited edition coins that are minted in celebration of a significant person, place, or event. In some cases, this was to raise money for a specific cause.

3. Certified Coin

gold coin dealerA certified coin is a coin placed in a heavy plastic case with an insert that defines the coin’s grade. This is done by an objective third-party company to settle any disputes about the value and significance of the coin. 

4. Intrinsic Value

Intrinsic value refers to the current market value of the coin. For many forms of circulated currency, the intrinsic value reflects the face value; however, rare editions may be based on the cost of the metal, rarity, and other factors.

5. Oxidation

Oxidation refers to the formation of oxide or tarnish on the surface of a coin. This can occur when the coin is exposed to moisture, the air, or even industrial fumes. 


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