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3 Tips to Boost Your Youngster's Confidence December 12, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Tips to Boost Your Youngster's Confidence, Queens, New York

From trying to fit in with peers to striving for better test scores, there are several challenges youngsters face on a daily basis. Although it’s natural to experience a few bumps on the path to adulthood, there are several things parents can do to turn their children into confident, well-adjusted adults. From hiring an English or math tutor to becoming a better cheerleader for your kids, below are ways to help your child grow and excel. 

How to Raise a Confident Child

1. Always Try to Encourage

Instead of pointing out failures when your child doesn’t succeed, use those situations as teachable moments. Whether it’s a bad mark in homework or losing a game, try to teach them to look on the bright side. Point out everything they did right and how they can do better next time. With your constant encouragement, your child will develop ways to motivate themselves and cultivate a positive outlook and confidence in their abilities.  

2. Don’t Create Unnecessary Frustration

Many parents falsely believe a bit of frustration helps youngsters build character, develop a resilient spirit, and prepare for adulthood. What it may do is contribute to anxiety and make kids question their self-worth. It could also evoke feelings that each situation will always be challenging and that they’ll never achieve desired goals. Although you shouldn’t actively try to help your child avoid frustration, you shouldn’t create these experiences for them either. This way, when faced with real-world situations, they will develop ways to remain calm, focused, and persevere.  

3. Pay Attention to Struggles in School

Forest-Hills-New-York-math-tutorWhen a child has problems grasping their studies, it could diminish their confidence as a student and lead to problems that impact other aspects of life. Your child might try to hide the difficulties due to stress or embarrassment, so speak to teachers directly about the struggles. Hiring an English or math tutor will allow your youngster to learn at their own pace. The additional help will translate into better scores on homework and tests and an increased willingness to participate in class. 


If you want to hire an English or math tutor to supplement what’s learned in the classroom while boosting your student’s problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, contact the instructors at JEI Learning Center Forest Hills. Based in Queens, NY, the learning center provides area kids with math, English, reading comprehension, and gifted and talented programs to cater to their needs and build their confidence. The team will also provide advice on how parents can help their students at home. To learn more about opportunities for children in New York City, call (718) 268-2890, or visit the English and math tutors online for program details. Become a Facebook fan to read what parents have to say about how the center has helped their kids.  

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