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3 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Sewer Lines December 12, 2018

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3 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Sewer Lines, New Britain, Connecticut

If your home is connected to a sewer, preventing serious issues such as backups is essential. While many homeowners know to keep an eye out for interior plumbing problems, the main outdoor lines on your property that run to the sewer are often overlooked. These critical areas are common sites of large-scale issues, and should therefore be cared for using the following tips.

3 Plumbing Upkeep Strategies for Main House Lines to Sewers

1. Practice Drain-Safe Habits

plumbingWhile there are some issues that manifest outside your home in your main house line, a clear connection starts indoors. Follow basic smart plumbing practices. Only flush toilet tissue. Keep grease, coffee grounds, and hard fruit pits out of your kitchen drains. Install a trap in your shower drain to protect your pipes from hair. This will prevent clogs both in your home’s interior piping and in your exterior main house line. 

2. Watch for Tree Roots

Be mindful of where your main house line is located on your property. Take note of any nearby greenery. Tree and shrub root systems spread over time, and may eventually come into contact with your line. Sewer lines made from clay, which were commonly installed before the 1950s, are most susceptible to tree root damage. If you suspect roots are growing near, consider removing the plant or using an environmentally friendly treatment, such as a root barrier, to inhibit further growth. 

3. Schedule Regular Cleanings

Finally, ask your plumbing team to recommend a maintenance schedule based on the condition, age, and material of your line. Cast iron sewer lines, for instance, should be snaked annually to check for and remove rusty deposits. Fiber conduit and clay lines should also be cleaned once per year to remove any buildup. These preventive maintenance tasks can reduce the risk of backups and identify concerns before they become major issues.


If you’re seeking a plumbing expert who can help keep your main sewer lines clean, contact Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating in Hartford County, CT. This trusted team of technicians has served the community for more than 50 years and excels in heating and plumbing repairs and maintenance. To schedule a service, call (860) 223-8569 or send them a message online.

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