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4 Dangers of Ignoring Wisdom Tooth Pain December 12, 2018

4 Dangers of Ignoring Wisdom Tooth Pain, Kannapolis, North Carolina

While it's never advisable to ignore a toothache or dental discomfort, it’s especially dangerous to dismiss wisdom teeth pain. Wisdom tooth extractions are common, as these molars can pose potential health risks if they come in improperly. Here are a few reasons to visit your dentist if you’re experiencing discomfort.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Pain From Wisdom Teeth

1. Bacterial Infection

Oftentimes, pain stems from a wisdom tooth that has only partially erupted from the gumline. This can lead to a bacterial infection called pericoronitis, which causes inflammation and swelling of the gums. If left untreated, pericoronitis will likely need to be eradicated with antibiotics. In severe cases, oral surgery to remove the gum flap may be necessary.

2. Cysts

A wisdom tooth that doesn't erupt and stays impacted in the gum can cause a cyst. When this issue isn’t addressed, it can do lasting damage to the structure of the jawbone. A cyst can also make it difficult to eat, drink, and even swallow.

3. Damage to Surrounding Teeth

Pain from a wisdom tooth might also indicate that it’s coming in crooked. When this happens, it crowds out surrounding teeth, causing them to misalign as well. Not only can this do permanent damage to the afflicted teeth, but it can alter the proper alignment of your bite. A wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to maintain a straight smile. 

4. An Increase in Tooth Decay

tooth extractionsPartially impacted wisdom teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay. When you ignore wisdom tooth pain or don’t get a recommend wisdom tooth extraction, your chance of developing cavities increases. This is likely because partially-erupted teeth often come in at a tricky angle or in an awkward position, making them harder to keep clean.


Avoid these issues by visiting a trusted dentist at the onset of wisdom tooth pain. The family dentistry professionals at Cabarrus Health Alliance provide all manner of oral healthcare and treatment — including exams, cleanings, and tooth extractions — from their offices in Kannapolis and Concord, NC. Schedule an appointment today at (704) 920-1070. Visit them online to learn more about their services, and like them on Facebook for more healthcare tips. 

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