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3 Signs of a Broken Refrigerator December 12, 2018

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3 Signs of a Broken Refrigerator, Walton Park, New York

A broken refrigerator isn’t fun to deal with. Groceries are spoiled, water can damage flooring, and it’s generally inconvenient. In many cases, it’s not a total breakdown, and many homeowners fail to realize something is wrong. There are several standard warning signs that signal that refrigerator repair services are necessary. Recognizing these will ensure you get the assistance you need and prevent any larger issues from occurring.

Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair Services

1. Condensation on the Inside

When your refrigerator doesn’t cool correctly, condensation will begin forming on the inside; water may also pool at the base. This occurs when your drainage pipe is clogged or if the doors aren’t sealed well and cool air is escaping. Close the doors and examine the rubber sealant strips for any perforations or warping. Condensation will usually be accompanied by mildew in these areas, and a refrigerator repair services technician will need to take a closer look at your drainage system.

2. Whirring

refrigerator-repair-servicesWhirring, grinding, and clanking don’t always mean that something is wrong with your fridge; when they do, however, it typically has to do with the compressor. This integral component is responsible for cooling and most other functions; when it goes, it’s often time to invest in a new appliance. If you’re concerned about any noises, have a technician inspect to see if there are any parts issues.

3. Overheating

Noises can also come from overheating, and you’ll notice warm areas on the back of your refrigerator if there’s a parts malfunction. While there are many causes, the general stress that’s being placed on your fridge can lead to more serious damage, which is why you need to schedule an inspection. In the end, you can avoid costly repairs that cut down the life span of your fridge.


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