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5 Common Winter Window Issues You Should Fix December 12, 2018

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5 Common Winter Window Issues You Should Fix, Irondequoit, New York

Nobody wants winter weather following them indoors, but when windows are damaged, your home will lose a lot of heat. Your family can avoid frigid nights and skyrocketing energy costs with glass replacement or by performing repairs as needed. Look for the following window issues commonly seen during the winter.

Top 5 Winter Window Problems

1. Drafts

Leaks are by far one of the most common troubles homeowners face when it comes to windows. Even if you can’t feel a big draft, a leaky window makes your heater work harder, resulting in a higher energy bill. Check your window for cracks in the glass or gaps in the sealant. While you can apply caulk to seal small leaks, glass replacement is the best option for noticeable drafts.

2. Damaged Frames

Aluminum frames are prone to cracking when not properly installed or maintained. These effects are exacerbated with the freezing temperatures and damp snow of winter. Damaged frames leave openings for cold air, moisture, and even pests. Since you can’t push them back into place, you’ll need to replace the window frame.

3. Condensation

glass replacementThe significant variances in temperature between winter-chilled windows and a warm house can create some natural condensation on the glass, especially if you’ve been showering, cooking, or running a dehumidifier. But, if your windows remain consistently foggy throughout the day and gather moisture between panes, that’s a sign you have an issue with leakage. Glass replacement and a complete resealing will resolve the problem.

4. Ice

When ice forms on your windows, it can cause damage to frames and prevent you from properly opening and closing them. Severe accumulation can even break glass. Possible causes include excessive condensation, sudden drops in temperature after precipitation, and high humidity. Keeping windows warm will help prevent ice formation.

5. Sticking

Even during the winter, you might catch a warmer day and yearn to let some fresh air in. Many homeowners, unfortunately, find themselves with stubborn, sticky windows. Whether they refuse to open, won’t stay open, or are a hassle to shut, you may need more secure windows. Go for a complete frame and glass replacement.


If you’re in a hurry to fix or replace your windows this winter, rely on Black’s Hardware of Monroe County, NY. This hardware store carries everything you need for proper window repairs. Whether you’re getting into glass replacement or frame sealing, they sell the highest quality tools and equipment on the market. Their expert staff members are happy to share advice on the right methods and materials for your next project. Browse their catalog online or call (585) 544-9896 to learn more about their merchandise.

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