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4 Ways to Keep Your House Warm for Less This Winter December 12, 2018

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4 Ways to Keep Your House Warm for Less This Winter, Nicholasville, Kentucky

The heat pump system in your house plays a critical role in keeping your family comfortable this winter. However, many homeowners are paying more than they need to in order to keep the temperatures comfortable inside. Here are four tips for making better use of your heat pump system this season to save money while staying cozy.

Advice to Improve Home Heat Pump System Efficiency

1. Use an Automatic Thermostat

Have an HVAC technician install a programmable thermostat in your home. This device will control the heat pump system from anywhere there’s wireless internet. Set the home to a colder temperature while you’re away or sleeping but bump it up right before you get home so it’s warm and toasty upon arrival.

2. Change the Filters 

heat pump system Lexington KYHeat pump systems use filters to prevent contaminants from entering the intake system. Change these filters once every month or two to ensure the air can freely flow into the heating unit. This way, it won’t work extra hard to move the air, which could cut down on its total life span. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having good air quality.

3. Maintain Your Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, this could be an added heat source to use during the winter. However, without proper maintenance, a fireplace can cause heat exchange that brings cold air into your house while letting warm air out. Make sure the damper is properly closed when it’s not in use to limit this issue.

4. Get the Ductwork Cleaned

If your heat pump system uses ductwork, it’s important to get the ducts cleaned once a year. This will remove dust, hair, pet dander, and potential allergens from the pathways and reduce the chances of the vents clogging. This creates a more efficient heating experience while also bettering air quality and keeping your home cleaner.


If you’re in need of a heating upgrade or professional maintenance contact the licensed, insured team at Stewart Air Conditioning & Heating in Lexington, KY. Their expert crew offers top-notch workmanship on major brands of heat pump systems and furnaces. Call (859) 252-4945 or visit the website for information on their scheduling and set up an HVAC maintenance service to make sure your home is cozy all winter long.

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