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Well Pumps: The Difference Between Traditional & Variable Speed December 12, 2018

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Well Pumps: The Difference Between Traditional & Variable Speed, Wales, Wisconsin

Choosing the right well pump not only allows you to use your household appliances but also affects the money in your pocket. Knowing which type suits you best means understanding what options are available and assessing your family and property usage. With a brief breakdown highlighting the difference between a traditional and a variable speed well pump installation will help you make your decision.

Traditional vs. Variable Speed Well Pump

Traditional or Conventional

Conventional well pump installations rely on a simple pressurized on/off function. The pump turns on when you need to reach a certain pressure level, and once that level is achieved, the pump shuts off. Because of this, water is conserved.

Traditional pumps feature larger tanks with longer run cycles. A home water system professional will assess your property’s usage needs to figure out how large of a tank you would need to fulfill daily requirements.

Constant Pressure or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

well pump installationConstant pressure well pump installations, also called variable frequency drives (VFD), are designed to speed up or slow down to keep water pressure consistent. Water volume varies based on usage, but pressure remains at the maximum when coming from fixtures. If more water is needed, the motor speeds up but will slow down when less is required.

This well pump installation needs a variable speed motor and small pressure tanks to perform its job. Great for homes with in-ground lawn irrigation, VFD systems are also compact and easy to place in utility rooms and basements. Because of the features that regulate the varying speeds, they require less repair.


For homes looking for a well pump installation in the Wales, WI, area Guthrie & Frey is their trusted source. With more than a decade of experience with constant pressure systems and more than 35 years in water system maintenance, their expert team can service and repair your home water system. They also offer emergency service 24-hours a day. For a free estimate, call (262) 968-2525. Visit them online to learn more about their other services such as pressure tanks and clean water systems.

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