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6 Important Questions to Ask During an HVAC Inspection December 19, 2018

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6 Important Questions to Ask During an HVAC Inspection, Union, Ohio

Scheduling an HVAC inspection gives you the opportunity to ensure systems are in proper working order for the season ahead. A qualified professional can quickly identify any problems or inefficiencies so you don’t lose heat or AC when you need it most. However, this service also gives you the opportunity to speak with your service provider and make sure you’re doing everything possible to heat and cool your home efficiently. If you want to make the most of this process, here are some questions to ask.

What to Ask During an HVAC Inspection

What does this noise mean?

Sometimes, noises from your HVAC system are completely normal, but other times they could be a sign of trouble. Since the noise may not occur during the inspection, describe it to the inspector so they can explain the cause or look into it further.

Am I changing filters & cleaning vents enough?

You should regularly clean vents and change filters so dust and debris don’t constantly circulate around your home. During an inspection, a professional can get a good look inside your ventilation system to see how clean it is and let you know if additional action may be necessary.

How should I set my thermostat?

While your thermostat settings ultimately depend on your own comfort level, a professional may be able to help you save money with an efficient setting. Specifically, they can show you how to program your thermostat to change throughout the day or adjust in different rooms, if you have a system with those capabilities.

How can I save money on heating and cooling?

hvac inspectionSee if your HVAC professional can point out any money saving opportunities they notice during the inspection. For example, they could install a programmable thermostat, direct you to replace filters more often, or even just move furniture slightly so it’s not blocking any vents.

When should I expect to upgrade my system?

HVAC systems don’t last forever, even when they’re well maintained. An inspector can give you an idea of the age and condition of your system so you know roughly how many years it may be viable and can plan and save for the future.

Are there any new technologies or advancements I should be aware of?

HVAC technology is constantly evolving, and some of the new options could help you save money or improve comfort in your home. You may not end up purchasing something every time, but it’s at least worth learning about the options.


If you want to schedule an HVAC inspection, call Advanced Heating Cooling and Refrigeration in Union, OH. Serving the surrounding communities, including Vandalia, Kettering, and Oakwood, the fully licensed and insured company provides a wide array of HVAC maintenance and services for both residential and commercial properties. The team is always transparent and willing to share information with customers. To schedule an inspection or any other type of residential or commercial HVAC service, call (937) 654-2276 or contact the team online today.

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