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3 Ways to Protect Upholstery in a Storage Unit December 13, 2018

Brown Deer, Milwaukee
3 Ways to Protect Upholstery in a Storage Unit, Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Whether you’re in the process of moving or just find your home too cluttered, placing furniture in a storage unit is a great option. However, you’ll want to protect upholstery from potential hazards, which may damage the fabric. The following are just a few steps to keep your beloved pieces intact.

3 Tips on Safeguarding Your Upholstery in a Storage Unit

1. Disassemble Pieces When You Can

Transporting a large piece of furniture from your home to a storage facility is usually tough. This is especially true for cumbersome pieces. To avoid damaging the upholstery, disassemble your furniture whenever possible. This way, you can move multiple small parts instead of one oversized piece. Keep the hardware well-organized, so you can easily put the piece back together once it’s taken out of storage.

2. Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

Storage UnitClean your furniture thoroughly before stowing it in a storage unit, but make sure the cleaning method you use suits the specific type of upholstery. For instance, use cleaning solutions instead of water, as water can cause mold growth. With leather, olive oil will keep your couch soft and supple and prevent the material from drying out. No matter which method you use, allow your furniture to dry completely before placing it in your storage unit. 

3. Cover Your Furniture

Furniture should also be covered while in storage. Use a drop cloth or sheet to completely cover the piece and prevent dust accumulation. Never use a plastic tarp, as plastic can trap in moisture. Also, consider using a platform to ensure your furniture is elevated and protected from water on the ground. Wood pallets are great in this case, as they are low cost and readily available online or at local hardware stores. 


Now that you know how to keep your furniture in top shape, the next step is to find a reliable storage unit facility. That’s exactly what A Storsafe Storage offers customers in Milwaukee County, WI. Serving customers throughout West Allis, Milwaukee, and Brown Deer, their units are protected by advanced security systems, so you can rest assured your items will be secure. They offer many unit sizes, including 5x10, 10x10, and 10x20, and even have packing supplies so you can stow your items safely and securely. For more information on pricing, visit them online. Call (414) 622-1547 to inquire about reserving a unit today.

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