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A Guide to Supporting Grieving Friends During the Holidays December 7, 2018

A Guide to Supporting Grieving Friends During the Holidays, Indianapolis city, Indiana

The holidays are a time for celebrating and spending time with friends and family, which often makes them especially painful for those who’ve recently lost a loved one. When our friends or family members are hurting, many of us don’t know what to do, especially during times that are supposed to be festive and bright. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a grief counseling professional to support your friends and neighbors during this difficult season.

How to Support Grieving Friends or Family Members During the Holidays

Be Supportive of Their Choices

You might feel tempted to include your grieving friends in your own celebrations, particularly if you share holiday traditions. Some people may welcome the chance for an evening of fun with their friends, while others might feel even more distant and alone. No matter how your grieving friends decide to spend the holidays, offer your support and try to give them the inclusion or space they need.

Offer to Help With Chores

grief counselingBaking, cleaning, and decorating for the holidays can be overwhelming for people dealing with a recent loss. Grief counseling can give your friend the tools to deal with the emotional pain of moving forward, but offering to help with the menial chores can make the holidays more manageable.

Just Be Willing to Listen

While they may not be ready to discuss their feelings and loss, many will just need someone to talk to. You probably won’t know what to say, but that’s okay. Most of the time, you just need to be there, ask questions, and let them know that you’re willing to listen.


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