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FMT's Holiday Charity Drive for Columbus Home December 6, 2018

Downtown Knoxville, 1
FMT's Holiday Charity Drive for Columbus Home, 1, Tennessee

In the spirit of the season, FMT - The Farmers Mutual of Tennessee has made it a tradition to give back to the community with their employee sponsored toy drive. The insurance company’s donations will provide much-needed gifts and supplies to children housed over the holidays at Columbus Home—a local temporary children’s shelter.

The Purpose of Columbus Home

Columbus Home is an emergency shelter founded in coordination with the Knox County Juvenile Court by Catholic Charities of East Tennessee in 2006. Based in Knoxville, TN, it acts as a temporary home for children who the courts have removed from the custody of their guardian due to dangerous circumstances. They stay there for as long as 10 days until they are placed with other family or foster care. Their staff provides social, emotional, and cognitive assessments of each child who comes through their doors to assist the courts with their eventual placement.

The shelter receives a portion of state funding, but it primarily depends on donations from the public and contributions from grants to keep its doors open. And while the children at Columbus Home are there for their safety, the holidays are a particularly tough time for young ones to be in this unfamiliar environment. 

FMT’s Commitment to Columbus Home

FMT aims to make the holiday season more festive for the children by providing toys and clothes for Columbus Home. The insurance company also provides general supplies that the home needs to care for their residents throughout the year. Everything from Barbie dolls to board games and diapers to footie pajamas will be included in their donation to Columbus Home on December 17th. To date, their employees have raised $863.87 in donations of items and money, which the company plans to match dollar-for-dollar once the drive is complete.

Aligned with their goal of “helping and caring for the citizens of Tennessee,” FMT commits to this drive every year to give back to the younger members of the community they serve. For more information about how this insurance company can have your back throughout the year, give them a call today at (800) 824-9555 or visit them online.




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