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What Causes Drafty Windows & What Can You Do About Them? December 17, 2018

Western Hills, Springfield
What Causes Drafty Windows & What Can You Do About Them?, Springfield, Ohio

Windows account for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling use according to the U.S. Department of Energy, making it important to ensure yours are in good condition. Numerous factors contribute to drafty windows, including poor installation, a breakdown of sealant materials, and loosened frames due to old age. If window replacement services are in your future to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient this winter, use these tips to maintain the interior temperature until installation day.

How to Reduce Drafts While Waiting for Window Replacements

Use Draft Snakes

Also available for drafty doors, draft “snakes” seal the gaps around window frames to keep cold air out and warm air in. They provide an excellent temporary remedy while you wait for window replacements because they do not involve messy caulk or weatherstripping materials. Purchase draft snakes at your local home improvement store or make your own by filling sewn fabric tubes with rice.

Apply Window Film

window replacementsPlastic sheets of window film have a shrinking effect when they are applied to window frames with a blow dryer. They peel off easily when it’s time for window replacements and provide an effective barrier in the meantime. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply window film to all of the drafty windows in your home, including those in your bathroom and basement.

Invest in Heavy Curtains

Heavy-duty curtains and drapes made of thick, richly-colored fabric add beauty and texture to your home while also preventing cold drafts from dampening cozy nights. As with window film and draft snakes, heavy drapes do not alter the windows so you can easily take them down when it’s time to replace the glass. Layered curtains work particularly well, as do cellular shades that trap air in their cells to insulate your home.


If you need window replacements to increase your home’s energy efficiency and overall value, contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at Economy Glass & Window. A neighborhood fixture since 1980, this Cincinnati, OH-based business provides residential and commercial services that include custom shower glass, mirrors, and storm windows. Call (513) 661-7748 today to schedule your window replacements or visit the team online for product and service information. Get more tips by following the business on Twitter.

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