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3 Tips for Choosing a Shingle Color for Your New Roof December 18, 2018

Stamford, Fairfield County
3 Tips for Choosing a Shingle Color for Your New Roof, Stamford, Connecticut

As one of the first elements of your home that a visitor sees, the roof plays a major role in your house’s overall aesthetic. Installing a new roof is an excellent opportunity to rethink or upgrade its color to improve your curb appeal. Here’s a guide to picking a shingle color that you’ll love.

Color Advice When Installing a New Roof

1. Seek Contrasts

Don’t pick a color without considering your roof’s surroundings. Pay close attention to the color of your siding, as well as the shutters. Picking a hue too close in color to these surfaces will make your home look monochrome. However, using a contrasting hue will make the other colors pop and create an overall attractive exterior. 

2. Consider Color Blends

new roofColors blends are an excellent way to improve the look of your roof. For example, instead of using one type of red, pick a blend that incorporates hints of cherry and wine hues. Choosing a vibrant blend is especially important when your siding is a neutral hue. However, if your cladding already has a color blend, avoid using one for your roof since they’ll fight for attention. 

3. Walk Around the Neighborhood

Remember that your home is part of a neighborhood, so it’s best to avoid choosing colors that are a wild departure from homes nearby. This will prevent your house from sticking out like a sore thumb, upsetting your neighbors. However, there’s no need to choose colors that are identical to the other homes in your area. More subtle variations, such as darker or lighter shades, can help differentiate your home. 


When you need a new roof, contact Signature Exteriors in Fairfield County, CT. In business for over 67 years, this family-owned company provides roof installation services, and they will help you with everything from choosing a material to picking a shingle color. They are committed to providing friendly customer service and quick, reliable work. To get in touch with them, call (866) 244-8029 or send a message via their website

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