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3 Signs You May Have Low Bone Density December 18, 2018

Jackson Heights, Queens
3 Signs You May Have Low Bone Density, Queens, New York

Low bone density is a condition that can increase your chances of developing osteoporosis later in life. It occurs when more bone is being lost than created. While women are more likely to suffer from this condition, all seniors should be aware of the symptoms so they can schedule bone density testing when needed. Here are a few signs of bone loss to look out for.

Signs You Need Bone Density Testing Services

1. Muscle & Joint Pain

bone density testingAches and pains in the muscles and joints are an early sign of low bone density. This may be due to a deficiency of critical vitamins and minerals your body needs for healthy bones. For example, lower back pain is associated with vitamin D deficiencies, while a lack of magnesium can cause muscle weakness

2. Receding Gums

Teeth are connected to the jawbone, so when you have bone loss, your gums may recede. Dentures can also exacerbate this problem since they shift and rub against the gum tissue. This issue can lead to tooth loss and an increased risk of gum disease. 

3. Poor Grip

Having poor grip is a common sign of bone loss, and it can increase your risk of falls and fractures. It may be difficult to hold on to rails or carry your purse. Other symptoms of a weak grip include hand weakness and tingling sensations in the fingers. 


If you have any of the above warning signs, don’t wait to schedule bone density testing so you can get an accurate diagnosis. When you need testing, turn to the team at Main Street Radiology in Queens, NY. They specialize in a wide range of preventative screening services, including mammograms, ultrasounds, colonoscopies, and bone density testing. Contact them today at (718) 428-1500 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more information about their full range of services. 

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