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3 Signs Your Company Needs a Technology Audit December 18, 2018

East Northport, Suffolk County
3 Signs Your Company Needs a Technology Audit, East Northport, New York

Whether you’re the owner of a large corporation or a small business, your business relies on technology. If there are any weaknesses with your network security, this leaves you and your clients vulnerable to cyberthreats. Fortunately, technology audits are designed to analyze issues with your current system and help you create the right plan for improvement. Below are just a few signs your company could benefit from a technology audit from an IT services company.

Signs It’s Time for a Technology Audit

1. Your Company Has Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Advancements in technology come with threats. An IT audit can detect your system’s weaknesses and help determine the steps needed to mitigate the risks to your existing infrastructure. 

2. Your IT Expenses Exceed Your Budget

IT servicesIf the amount you spend on your IT department has been consistently exceeding your budget, an IT audit can identify the inefficiencies. It will analyze the strength of security you need, and what policies or strategies you should invest in. 

3. Your Systems Aren’t Cohesive

While businesses must routinely modify their IT systems to keep up with their industry, don’t let any updates negatively impact your security. To keep the system cohesive, an IT audit, conducted by a reputable IT services company, can determine whether these modifications have left your business vulnerable to threats, and what types of updates are needed to seal these gaps. 


If your company is facing any of the above scenarios, don’t wait to schedule a technology audit with Network Solutions & Technology in Suffolk County, NY. Their expert consultants specialize in a variety of IT services to maximize a company’s productivity, while also strengthening their IT infrastructure. To learn more about which IT services are right for your company, call them at (877) 678-8080. You can also visit their website to learn more about their full range of services and the types of industries they work with. 

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