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5 Tips for Choosing a Fence for Your Dog December 7, 2018

Spencerport, Monroe
5 Tips for Choosing a Fence for Your Dog, Spencerport, New York

Fence installation is a necessary part of responsible pet ownership, especially if your old fence is failing. There is a wide range of fencing options available, each with different heights, strengths, and materials. To choose fencing that’s best for you and your dog, consider the following factors.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Style of Fence Installation

1. Physical Ability

If your pet is an especially high jumper, you need to build a taller fence than what’s typically necessary for their size. You should also take material into account. Some dogs can climb a chain link fences or other styles which offer footing. You may need a fence with a more smooth, solid surface or a top rail which turns inward.

2. Size of Your Pet

Fence InstallationA large dog can jump much higher than a small one and will need a taller barrier. As a rule of thumb, a four-foot wall is tall enough to contain small breeds, while a five-foot fence is sufficient for most popular breeds and a six-foot fence is suitable for large and athletic dogs.

3. Your Existing Fence

Dogs are smart and adaptable, and may eventually find a way under or over even a well-designed barrier. If your dog is an escape artist, you’ll want a different type of fence installation than what currently exists to keep them from resorting to old tricks.

4. Maintenance

Aside from your dog’s needs, consider your own. Wood requires more maintenance, cleaning, and refinishing than a material like vinyl, so carefully consider whether you have time to care for the material you choose.

5. Visibility

Your dog is less likely to try to get out if you choose a material and design which prevents them from seeing the other side. This way, they won’t be tempted by other animals or people they see outside the yard. At the same time, make sure your yard is full of fun, enriching toys and activities for your dog so they won’t get bored.


If you need fence installation to keep your pet safe and contained, choose All American Fence in Spencerport, NY. This experienced fence contractor has served Monroe County for almost 30 years, providing secure, private fences for the area’s residents. For a free estimate on their fully licensed and insured services, call (585) 352-8370 or send a message online.

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