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3 Tips for Talking to Your Family About Your Divorce December 13, 2018

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3 Tips for Talking to Your Family About Your Divorce, Dayton, Ohio

If you’re consulting an attorney about a divorce, at some point you have to discuss your situation with your family. How well the conversation goes depends on you, and how you see yourself transitioning. Here are a few tips for starting and staying in control of the discussion, so you increase the potential to end it well.

3 Tips for Telling Your Family About Your Divorce

1. Choose Your Tone

When you talk about your divorce, put it in a positive light. If you frame it as a positive step toward a healthier life for everyone, others are more likely to take your cue. Make it clear that you are okay with this decision, but remind them that you may need help later. While you can cope with the changes, you will need the emotional support of family and friends during the legal proceedings.

2. Give a Call to Action

attorney-Dayton-OHFamily members often want to be supportive during a loved one’s divorce, but they are unsure how to do it. Give your family clear guidance, based on your needs. If you want your retired aunt to help with child care for the next few months, or need your brother the real estate agent to scout out a smaller home, say so. Your support system can only help if you are clear about what you need.

3. Change the Subject if Needed

Don’t feel compelled to discuss all the details of the breakup or your attorney’s strategy. After you have said what you want to share, transition to another topic by asking about someone else’s interests, hobbies, work projects, or relationships.


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