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4 Steps to Take If Your Roof Is Leaking December 14, 2018

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4 Steps to Take If Your Roof Is Leaking, Carrollton, Texas

You rely on your roof to keep the interior of your home warm and dry, but unfortunately, even the most well-built roof can fail because of age, weather damage, or interior structural failures. Here are four steps you should take if you notice your roof is leaking, and why you shouldn’t hesitate to call for roof repairs

Damaged Roof? Here Are 4 Things to Do Immediately

1. Stop the Source of the Incoming Water

As soon as you notice your roof leaking, do what you can to stop the source of the incoming water to prevent flooding and water damage. Place a bucket underneath the drip, and consider going into your attic to see where the water is coming in from outside. If possible, tarp the damaged section of the roof to prevent additional incoming water. 

2. Focus On Drying Out the Area

roof repairsAfter you have stopped the flow of water, focus on mopping up any pooled water, wiping down surfaces, and drying out fabrics. If you need to, rent carpet blowers to dry interior carpet to prevent it from molding. Focus on adding airflow to the wet areas to give them a chance to dry out by keeping ceiling fans and HVAC fans running. 

3. Call Your Insurance Agent

Every insurance company manages home damage claims a little differently, so contact your insurance agent right away when you need roof repairs. In addition to helping you to file claims, your insurance company will also talk with you about payment timelines, so you know when the issue will be resolved. 

4. Contact a Roofing Contractor 

Next, notify your roofing contractor. While your homeowner’s insurance company may have suggestions about who to work with, you are allowed to work with the roof repair professional of your choice. Be very clear with roofing contractors about the current status of your roof, and talk with them about when they can come out to start repairs. Roofing professionals often offer emergency service, followed by permanent repairs when the weather allows it. 


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