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3 Ways to Boost Kitchen Functionality & Maximize Space December 14, 2018

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3 Ways to Boost Kitchen Functionality & Maximize Space, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Although kitchens are meant for cooking meals, they often serve additional purposes in many households. When entertaining, guests might gravitate to the kitchen for snacks or beverages and linger to chat. Additionally, the room often becomes a catchall for kids’ backpacks and other items, leaving little counter space for food preparation. A general contractor will recommend ways to make the room as multi-functional as possible, including the ideas below.  

How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

1. Install an Expansive Island

general contractorIf you are running low on counter space, add an additional surface in the center of the kitchen. An island can be used for unpacking groceries and preparing ingredients. When guests come over, they can gather around the island, which means they won’t be in the way while you cook. Placing benches or chairs around the installation will make the island a casual dining table. Many fixtures also come with built-in storage nooks to hold belongings and cut down on clutter. 

2. Replace Shallow Cabinets With Deeper Installations

From large pots and pans to rarely used appliances, various items can take up needed space in your kitchen. To give these objects a permanent home, discuss installing deeper cabinets with your general contractor. They will find fixtures that fit into the space where shallow cabinetry is currently installed, ensuring you don’t lose square footage during the renovation project. Using inserts to hold cooking utensils, dry goods, and dishes will also keep smaller items organized. 

3. Update the Range Hood

A range hood is a crucial part of the kitchen’s ventilation system. Grease, oils, smoke, and fumes from cooking on the stove filter through the device to eliminate air pollution. The canopies hang over the stove top, creating a focal point in the room, too. There are fixtures available that include built-in cabinets to discreetly hold microwaves, bulky cookware, and other objects taking up counter space. Whether modern or rustic, a general contractor will help find a hood that matches the room’s aesthetic.  


If you want to incorporate one of the above suggestions into your home improvement project, or need additional ideas, the remodeling contractors at Dahl Construction Company, based in Bayfield, WI, will lend their 40-plus years of experience to your project. Since 1976, homeowners in northern Wisconsin have called on the National Association of Home Builders-affiliated team for new siding, roofing services, home additions, and more construction services to help create their dream dwellings. They’ll also recommend additional upgrades to increase your property value. For a free service estimate, call (715) 779-3600. Visit the general contractors online to learn why you can trust them to oversee your project. 

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