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FAQ About Manual Transmission December 13, 2018

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FAQ About Manual Transmission, Dothan, Alabama

A manual transmission system allows a vehicle’s driver to have more control over the shifting process, but these types of systems are far less common than they once were. So when manual transmission repair issues strike, many drivers are unsure of just what's happening with their vehicles. To help provide some clarity, below are answers to a few common questions about manual transmissions and manual transmission repair issues.

Answers to Common Questions About Manual Transmissions

How does manual transmission work?

Manual transmission involves using a clutch pedal that, when pushed, disengages the engine from the transmission. Once disengaged, the driver shits into another gear, and releasing the clutch then reengages the transmission into the new gear. With automatic transmissions, shifting into a different gear is handled automatically by the transmission system itself without the assistance of the driver.

Why do people choose vehicles with manual transmission?

Since automatic transmission is easier on the driver, it may be difficult to see the benefit of a manual transmission. But drivers who own and operate vehicles with manual transmission cite a number of advantages over automatic vehicles. Among these perks is an enhanced sense of control over the car and better fuel efficiency.

What are some common manual transmission repair issues?

manual transmission repairAs with an automatic vehicle, manual transmission fluid needs to be checked and changed on a regular basis to keep the car working optimally. But many of the most common manual transmission repair problems stem from the clutch. A clutch that slips out of gear and a clutch that sticks in gear are two prevalent issues.

How can I keep the clutch working properly?

Try to avoid wear and tear on the clutch as much as possible. Don't partially engage it by keeping your foot down halfway on the pedal—either have the clutch fully engaged or disengaged. Also, drive at a reasonable speed on busy roads or city streets to avoid frequent shifting.


Knowing some basics of manual transmission will make you a more informed driver and vehicle owner. When you need manual transmission repair or service, trust the professionals at Mr. Transmission. They are the transmission specialists of choice for Houston County, Alabama, and they have more than three decades of experience maintaining the vehicles of area drivers. For a free estimate on transmission repair, call (334) 673-8726 or visit their website today.

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