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3 Tips for Reducing Heating Costs December 11, 2018

Ozark, Christian
3 Tips for Reducing Heating Costs, Ozark, Missouri

Working to lower energy costs will help you save money on your heating system operation while lightening your environmental footprint. Fortunately, there are several small changes everyone can make to ease the burden on their heating system and see a noticeable effect on their utility bills. Below are a few easy changes to try.

3 Ways to Lower Heating Costs

1. Let in the Sun

The sun offers a free heating system all year, and it is especially helpful during the winter months. Open all curtains, blinds, and shades covering south-facing windows and let the sun pour in; once it is out of range, close the window coverings to more effectively trap heat in. The home will be filled with natural warmth and require less furnace use.

2. Lower the Temperature When Not at Home or Asleep

heating systemDon’t keep the heat running when it isn’t needed. When no one is home, lower the thermostat setting by a few degrees. Do the same before going to bed, and bring an extra blanket or two to have on hand once you've tucked yourself in. This relatively minor temperature adjustment can equal major savings.

3. Schedule Yearly Heating System Service

Have a professional come out every year to ensure your heating system is in peak operating condition. An HVAC repair technician will perform all routine maintenance tasks, inspect air filters and vents, and check for leaks. This is also an excellent way to prevent potential problems before they start, avoiding high-cost repairs—and significant stress—further down the road.


After implementing these changes, you will likely a payment decrease on your heating bills. For any heating system maintenance or repair issues, trust the professionals at Service Today Company Inc. They have more than 20 years of experience providing the Highlandville, Sparta, Republic, Forsyth, Nixa, Ozark and Branson, MO, areas with HVAC and plumbing repair and service. Call (417) 581-0714, visit them online, or message them on Facebook to schedule an appointment or to request a free estimate.