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3 Tips to Choose Your Kitchen's Color Palette December 10, 2018

Flatiron District, Manhattan
3 Tips to Choose Your Kitchen's Color Palette, Manhattan, New York

People notice color immediately when they walk into a room, which is why choosing the perfect palette should take priority during your kitchen remodeling project. From relaxation to cheeriness, certain shades are associated with different emotions, so decide what mood you want to create when selecting hues for walls and room accents. Following the pointers below will put you on the path to creating a cohesive design that reflects the tone you want to set. 

3 Tips to Select the Right Colors for Your Kitchen

1. Consider the Room’s Light Sources

Light bounces off softer colors and is absorbed by darker shades, so keep this in mind when going over options. If the room lacks windows, bright hues, such as sunny yellow, light blue, or pale pink could help illuminate the kitchen and make it appear larger. Before splashing color on walls and accents, look at paint chips in the kitchen at different times during the day. This will give a more accurate representation of how the hue will change with varying degrees of natural light.

2. Try Contrasting Shades 

kitchen remodelingFor a look that pops, pair contrasting shades during your kitchen remodeling. This will add depth and texture to interiors. Vary a cool, soothing color like blue or mint green against warm, earthy wood tones, for example. Similarly, adding rich accents of terra-cotta red or matte plum to a kitchen that’s predominantly a color like beige, white, or light gray will create visual interest. 

3. Don’t Forget About Existing Colors

Your kitchen contains cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Think about the existing colors of these design elements when choosing complementary hues for your kitchen remodeling project. If you have a marble counter with various pigments, for example, you can incorporate one of the colors in your backsplash or walls. Doing so will help tie the room together without taking away from the main focal points. 



Whether you want a sleek monochromatic look or an inviting, fun, and eclectic color palette, the staff at Broadway Kitchens & Baths will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. From providing interior design advice to overseeing construction, the staff will be by your side to make the experience as rewarding as possible and ensure you’re happy with the results. Beyond enhancing your kitchen’s visual appeal, the team will share tips to maximize space and increase functionality. To discuss kitchen remodeling in New York City or Englewood, NJ, call (201) 567-9585. Visit the company’s website and Facebook page for ideas to incorporate into your project. 

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