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5 Kitchen Design Tips to Make Small Spaces Seem Larger December 19, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
5 Kitchen Design Tips to Make Small Spaces Seem Larger, Ewa, Hawaii

Smaller kitchens present unique challenges. Creating more storage often means sacrificing work space, and vice versa. Luckily, there are a few practical kitchen design tips you can implement during remodeling to maximize the area you do have.

5 Tips for Small Kitchen Designs

1. Consider Open Shelving

While you don’t need to forego cabinets completely, swapping them out for shelves in the top half of your kitchen can create a more open, spacious appearance. You may also get more storage space since shelves take up less room.

2. Incorporate a Backsplash

kitchen designAlthough you have limited area for design elements, you can still accentuate the wall space you do have. One ideal location to add eye-catching details is your backsplash. Stick with light colors to avoid a closed-in look. To create an illusion of depth, add a mirrored backsplash.

3. Add Plenty of Lighting

Natural light makes small spaces seem light and airy. Avoid window treatments, and if needed, add plenty of artificial lights to brighten the room. Setting up lighting on the ceiling and under cabinets are functional, space-saving solutions.

4. Use Large Tiles

You might think smaller tiles should be used for smaller spaces, but the opposite is true. In small kitchens, floors with large tiles trick the eye and make it seem like there’s more space. Again, stick with light colors for best results.

5. Maximize Storage Space

When everything has a designated spot, you can maximize your space and save yourself the hassle of searching for items. Adorn your bottom cabinets with organizing solutions like dividers, sliders, and containers to separate pots, pans, and tools.


No matter how small or large your kitchen remodeling project may be, the experts from Cutting Edge Builders Hawaii will execute a flawless design to help you optimize your space. These master craftsmen serve Mililani, Waipahu, and Kapolei, and will work closely with you to develop a kitchen design if you don’t already have a vision in mind. For inspiration, browse through their gallery of completed work online. To set up a free consultation for your home remodeling project, call (808) 478-6718.

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