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3 Tips for Moving When You Have Kids December 19, 2018

East Village, Manhattan
3 Tips for Moving When You Have Kids, Manhattan, New York

Relocating is often a laborious process, and when you have young kids that need to be watched constantly, it’s even more challenging. They could get in the way of the movers or even get hurt while trying to help. In addition to hiring reliable movers to help you move, here are a few moving tips for parents with young children.

The Parent’s Guide to Moving

1. Set Expectations

Explain to your kids what to expect on moving day and how they can help. For example, encourage them to play quietly and stay out of the way of the movers to prevent injuries or damage to your belongings. You can also offer a reward, such as a special treat or new toy if your kids behave themselves. 

2. Pack Your Kids’ Special Items in a Separate Box

moversMost children have strong attachments to their belongings, such as toys or blankets, so it can stress kids out when these items are taken away from them and moved. You should pack your child’s belongings in a special box—let them decorate it—to reassure them that they’ll be easily found after the move. 

3. Ask for Help 

If you’re worried about your children getting hurt or disturbing the movers, have a friend, relative, or babysitter look after them during the move. This is a good option for younger kids and toddlers, who will likely have a hard time behaving during a move. 


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