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3 Tips to Beat the Winter Chill During Outdoor Activities December 11, 2018

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
3 Tips to Beat the Winter Chill During Outdoor Activities, Jacksonville East, Florida

Whether you are planning a hunting trip or insist on your morning jog even when snow is falling, you want to be comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. Ill-fitting outerwear or a wet T-shirt will quickly drive you back inside to change, interrupting your fun. Stick to these guidelines, and your forays into nature will go off without a hitch, no matter the weather.

3 Ways to Stay Warm During Outdoor Winter Activities 

1. Fuel Your Body

Your body needs food to stay energized, especially when also trying to stay warm in the cold. Look for slow-burning fuels like cheese and nuts, which are high in fat and protein. Eating appropriately also gives you the energy you want to finish that hike or win that game of touch football—whatever athletic endeavor draws you outdoors.

2. Dress in Layers

outerwearWhen you engage in physical activity, your body heats up. Dress in layers you can easily peel off, so you can adjust quickly to changing temperatures. Also make sure you have the right outerwear accessories from head to toe, including a hat, gloves, warm socks, and sturdy boots.

3. Stay Dry

Sweat and moisture in the air can cool skin quickly, giving you a chill all over. Choose a top layer of outerwear that is waterproof and wind-resistant. For the bottom layer, look for materials like polypropylene, which wicks dampness away from the skin and dries quickly. 


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