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3 Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agency December 11, 2018

Louisville, Jefferson
3 Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agency, Louisville, Kentucky

Whether it’s for your home, health, or automobile, insurance is a must. With so many options from major carriers, it can be difficult to find one that meets all your needs, which is why many people turn to an independent insurance agency instead. A reliable insurance agent is an invaluable resource, and having options ensures you get the exact coverage that you need.

3 Reasons To Choose an Independent Insurance Agency

1. Coverage Options

Major insurance providers are limited to only providing coverage through their company. If you need multiple insurance plans, this can mean paying for more than you need or not getting sufficient coverage. An independent insurance agency isn’t tied to these limitations. They can help you pick and choose plans from different insurance companies so you don’t overpay and meet all your insurance needs.

2. Customer Service

insurance-agency-hamilton-martin-insurance-agency With national carriers, you spend most of your time chatting to bots on websites and speaking with automated services and call center reps. Purchasing insurance can be confusing, which is why an independent insurance agency will ensure you always have a licensed agent or advisor to speak with. This is important when making a claim while time is of the essence.

3. Professional Guidance

Your life is always changing – you may be moving, you could buy a new car, you may start a family. An independent insurance agency will ensure you always have guidance. Their licensed experts can help you purchase home insurance when you finally buy a property, get insurance for a new car, or invest in life insurance as you age. They’ll make sure you’re informed and meet your needs. Many customers build lifelong connections with their agents, something you won’t find with larger agencies.


The team at Hamilton-Martin Insurance Agency is proud to provide convenient insurance options to residents of Louisville, KY. They offer a variety of plans—all of which you can explore on their website—and take the time to build a personal relationship with every client that comes to their insurance agency. Call (502) 957-6500 today to speak with an insurance agent and begin exploring options.

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