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3 Native Texas Trees for Your Landscaping December 13, 2018

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3 Native Texas Trees for Your Landscaping, Canyon Lake, Texas

Texas is home to diverse plants and wildlife. As such, there is no shortage of native trees that can become the centerpiece of your landscaping. You can be confident they’ll thrive in the climate and know that your family will enjoy them for generations. Therefore, consider the options below.

What Native Trees Would Look Great in Your Yard?

1. Cedar Elm

Growing up to 75-feet tall, the Cedar Elm is seen throughout South, Central, and East Texas. It thrives alongside natural water sources and features rich green leaves in spring and summer that turn smooth gold or red in the fall. Its reddish wood is sometimes used to make furniture, and it’s light brown bark is well-accented by flowers and other landscaping elements.

2. Southern Live Oak

landscaping-eliots-landscape-llcThe Southern Live Oak is a large, winding tree prized by 18th Century shipbuilders for its curved limbs. Growing to 50-feet tall on average, it’s a popular tree in Texas and a favorite of local wildlife due to its acorns and sturdy branches. In addition to being extremely durable, its thick leaf growth has distinctive character which adds to curb appeal.

3. Texas Oak

On average, the dark green Texas Oak is 35-feet tall, though it can grow up to 70 feet in especially fertile areas. It’s a smart landscaping choice for drier climates, such as Central Texas, and is an integral fuel source across many industries. The leaves can turn a deep red during the fall, and while Oak Wilt disease was once a serious problem, it’s since been controlled.


If you’re ready to add native Texas trees to your yard, turn to Eliot’s Landscape. Located in Bulverde, TX, they pride themselves on providing visually stunning and enduring landscaping for home and business owners. They offer lawn care and hardscaping services as well, which you can explore on their website, and will work to ensure you get lasting beauty from your trees and shrubs. Call (800) 379-6079 today to schedule a consultation.

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