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4 Essential Tips for Preventing Periodontal Disease December 14, 2018

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4 Essential Tips for Preventing Periodontal Disease, Anchorage, Alaska

Swollen, reddened gums are a sign that you may be developing periodontal disease, an infection of the gums, cementum, ligaments and alveolar bones that make up your mouth. Preventing this disease with thoughtful dental care is possible. Here are four tips for minimizing your likelihood of developing periodontal disease to keep your smile looking and feeling healthy.

Mitigate Your Risk of Gum Disease With This Advice

1. Perform an At-Home Oral Hygiene Routine

Brushing and flossing twice a day will rid your mouth of plaque buildup and prevent gingivitis, the early stages of periodontal disease. Be sure to pass these good habits on to younger family members so they, too, will keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

2. Attend Regular Dental Appointments

periodontal diseaseEarly diagnosis is key to reducing the effects of periodontal disease. By attending bi-annual dentist appointments, you improve the likelihood that gingivitis and other gum conditions are caught early and can be treated right away. Getting professional teeth cleanings can also help fight off these issues.

3. Stop Using Tobacco

Smoking is one of the top causes of periodontal disease in the U.S. because of the increased bacteria present in the mouth. If you stop smoking or using chewing tobacco your likelihood of having gingivitis and periodontal disease will decrease.

4. Get Proper Dental Work

Many people need crowns, braces, or bridges throughout their lives. These dental tools help to restore smiles and normalize speech. However, if they’re old and wearing out, they can make it especially difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

If your dental work could use an upgrade see a dentist right away. They’ll assess the issue and provide a new treatment plan or demonstrate how to clean your mouth with specialized tools to remove plaque and fight gum disease.


If your family is in need of preventative dental care head to Chinook Family Dentistry in Anchorage County, AK. Their team has over 35 years of experience providing trustworthy, knowledgeable dental services from filling cavities and cleaning teeth to teaching preventative care to kids. Call (907) 272-8422 or visit the website for more information on their periodontal disease treatment services including cleanings, extractions, and fillings.

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