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3 Tips for Designing a Sign for Your Restaurant December 10, 2018

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3 Tips for Designing a Sign for Your Restaurant, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Having a business design is a crucial marketing tool for attracting customers. This is especially true for restaurants located in active areas, where there may be a lot of competition. Finding ways to make your eatery’s sign stand out could make all the difference in winning over a patron. 

How to Create a Fantastic Business Sign 

1. Visibility

Probably, the most important characteristic of any sign design is that it is visible 100 percent of the time. Potential customers should be able to spot it day or night. To do this, it will need to be large, easy to read, and well lit. If the main business sign is located up high, consider placing a second one at eye level. Also, remember to take advantage of all angles to catch passersby from all directions.

2. Text

business signKeep the verbiage for your sign simple and direct. You want to catch people as they are passing by, so you need to get the point across quickly. Use easy-to-read fonts, and if you are using a tagline, try to incorporate some humor or nostalgia to stand apart from competitors. Also, consider adding an electronic sign to easily change your message and remain relevant. 

3. Color

The color of your business sign is almost as important as what it says. The hue you choose has been shown to have an effect in persuading customers to enter or avoid your doors. Red, for instance, is commonly used by fast-food and casual diners because it invokes a sense of excitement and triggers decisiveness. Blue, on-the-other-hand, is believed to create a feeling of wholesomeness, which would make it an ideal color for a family restaurant. There’s also the matter of standing apart. Selecting colors that isolate you from your surroundings will make you more memorable to passing customers. 


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