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The Top 3 Benefits of a Firm Mattress December 10, 2018

Brownsville, Brooklyn
The Top 3 Benefits of a Firm Mattress, Brooklyn, New York

There’s nothing quite like a restful night’s sleep—with no tossing, turning, or readjusting, you’ll wake up feeling peaceful and energized. That being said, the cornerstone of a successful night’s sleep is a comfortable, supportive bed. While you might associate softness with comfort, recuperating on a firm mattress may offer the following remarkable benefits.

The 3 Benefits of a Firm Mattress

1. Spinal Alignment

Gravity may be what makes falling into bed after a long day feel blissful, but it can also be your worst enemy on a soft mattress. Essentially, a surface that isn’t firm enough will give way to your weight, allowing your spine to sag where your body is heaviest. You’ve probably experienced the consequences of poor spinal alignment when slouching in front of the computer for too long—it’s not comfortable, and it can actually increase tension in surrounding muscles. To avoid this, choose a firm mattress that will hold your spine in place.

2. Blood Circulation

mattressWhen your body sinks into a soft surface, it puts pressure on your muscles as well as your veins and arteries. Unfortunately, this can prevent your blood from circulating effectively, leading to a wide range of health issues, including blood clots. On a firm mattress, your bones will absorb more of the pressure, allowing your muscles to relax and your blood to flow freely.

3. Oxygen Intake

Curling up into a ball might feel comfortable at first, but after a night on a soft mattress, you’ll likely be looking for a change. This may be because your body’s kinked up, sagging position prevented you from inhaling enough oxygen. Imagine your body like a hose—when it’s lying flat, your nose, mouth, respiratory pathways, and lungs will be extended, capable of taking in an optimal amount of air. If you tend to snore or have respiratory issues, a firm mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep.


If you’re ready to enjoy going to bed again, stop by NY Mattress Outlet to browse their selection of firm mattresses. While located in Brooklyn, they offer free delivery for most items within NYC’s five boroughs. To learn more about their inventory, visit the website, and call (718) 395-7280 to speak with a friendly sales associate.

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