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3 Kitchen Updates to Consider Before the Holidays December 10, 2018

3 Kitchen Updates to Consider Before the Holidays, ,

The holiday season is a busy time for many homeowners. Parties are in full swing, families come to town, and the social calendar fills up quickly. You may even find that you’re hosting some of those gatherings in your own abode. If that’s the case, you might be interested in giving your kitchen a little update before things get truly hectic. A well-designed kitchen can make a big difference in your guests’ comfort and make it easier to prepare those large holiday meals. Here are some home improvement ideas to keep in mind.

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen for the Holidays

1. Add an Island

home improvementIslands are natural gathering spaces for visitors — in large part because they resemble bars or tables and provide ample space to hang around casually. Adding an island to your kitchen remodeling plan is an excellent idea if your current culinary space isn’t quite so socially friendly. It doesn’t have to be enormous, either; a modestly sized island lends itself well to small groups. Simply adding a couple of stools or tall chairs makes for an even cozier space. Your home improvement professional can even create a tiered island that features a taller counter in one space and a smaller, more functional area for cooking in another.

2. Enlarge the Pantry

If your current pantry leaves little room for much besides the basics, it might be time to consider a little upgrade to the space. This is a relatively minor home improvement job but can make a big difference in your kitchen. Whether this involves adding additional shelves or enlarging a small existing pantry, you’ll find it much simpler to store your food and other kitchen essentials. This will come in handy when there’s a large guest list to accommodate for your next holiday gathering.

3. Install New Appliances

The most efficient kitchens depend largely on high-quality appliances that take your cooking abilities to the next level. A multi-burner cooktop provides you with more room to prepare appetizers, entrees, and desserts at the same time. And, installing a double oven can be an invaluable addition if you’re preparing large meals for the family on Thanksgiving or Christmas. A skilled kitchen remodeling professional will assess the room’s measurements to make sure that the appliances you’re most interested in will fit comfortably.


Valley Design Center is the leading option for reliable home improvement and kitchen remodeling jobs on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. For over 20 years, the company has given New York City homes a new lease on life thanks to innovative design concepts that transform ordinary kitchens into spectacular rooms. They’re authorized dealers of both Kraftmaid® and TOTO® products and are proud to handle every step of your remodeling project from start to finish. They’ll work with you to bring your vision to life, whether you’re interested in a minor upgrade or a full-scale job. Visit them online to find out more about giving your home a little TLC, or give them a call at (212) 832-4200.

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