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4 Benefits of LED Bulbs in Light Fixtures December 17, 2018

Bryan Station, Lexington-Fayette Northeast
4 Benefits of LED Bulbs in Light Fixtures, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

When selecting a bulb for the light fixtures in your home, you’ll have several choices, all of which have their own aesthetic. LEDs – or light emitting diodes – are growing in popularity thanks to their many benefits. From their efficiency to versatility, LEDs bring many strengths to the table that other bulbs do not. 

Chose LED Lightbulbs to Reap These 5 Benefits 

1. Energy Efficiency

According to Popular Mechanics, LED bulbs use one-sixth of the energy of an incandescent light bulb. ENERGY-STAR® notes that an 800 lumen LED bulb will cost around $1.26 per year while a halogen bulb of the same brightness will cost around $6.02. Over the span of a year, that translates to a decent chunk of money slashed off your energy bill.

2. Increased Lifespan

LED bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent option. By installing LED bulbs in the light fixtures in your home, you'll reduce energy usage and save as much as $150 a year.

3. Preventing Burnouts

Traditional light bulbs can burn out when they become too hot. LEDs use heat sinks that dissipate the higher temperature air into the room to keep the glass from exploding. In this case, power surges are less likely to render your bulb useless. 

4. Improving Directional Lighting

light fixtureIf you want to illuminate a specific area with task lighting, LED is the better option. These bulbs offer directional lighting which more efficiently uses electricity to emit light upward and outward. This makes them versatile and applicable in many situations, including lighting a specific art piece hanging on the wall or as an accent in a cabinet. 

5. Reducing Your Environmental Impact

LED bulbs have a lower negative impact on the environment thanks to their improved level of energy efficiency and longer lifespans. Additionally, bulbs with aluminum heat sinks can often be recycled. Check with your local waste management company to learn whether LED is accepted in your area.


If you’re interested in purchasing LED light bulbs and light fixtures to improve your home energy efficiency contact Wiseway Design Showroom in Fayette County, KY. From sconces to chandeliers, outdoor and indoor, they have the largest showroom in Lexington. Call (859) 259-0466 or visit the website for information on how their industry expertise will help you find the perfect lighting for your needs.

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