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4 Tips for Holiday Travel December 10, 2018

Glastonbury, Hartford County
4 Tips for Holiday Travel, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Before heading out on a trip, it's always wise to invest in travel insurance to protect yourself financially if anything goes wrong. During the holidays, when so many of us are traveling—either on vacation or to see family—you should take other precautions, as well. Here are a few suggestions to travel safely and conveniently this holiday season.

How to Travel Smartly During the Holidays

1. Avoid Peak Travel Days & Times

Peak travel days such as Christmas Eve and January 2, are busy travel days, so you’ll pay a premium and spend more time standing in lines. Many people prefer to travel during the late morning or early afternoon, so to avoid crowds, long lines, and long wait times, travel early or late in the day. 

2. Be Familiar with TSA Guidelines

travel insuranceTo save yourself time going through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at airports, familiarize yourself with what’s acceptable to bring on a flight. For example, you are only allowed travel-sized liquids in amounts of 3.4 ounces or less.

3. Shop Around

You can often get a cheap travel deal by shopping around on various websites. Travel sites install cookies on your computer that let them track your searches. They may inflate prices each time you visit to scare you into booking immediately, instead of waiting for prices to drop. To avoid this issue, book your flights using Incognito mode. Additionally, consider flying with a budget airline or switching to a regional airport instead of a major hub.

4. Buy Travel Insurance

Protect yourself against financial losses in case you can’t make your flight due to an emergency, or you lose your luggage. Additionally, travel insurance will also cover rental car damages and emergency medical expenses in places your regular health insurance won’t.


When you’re ready to purchase travel insurance, contact Travel Insured International in Glastonbury, CT. They have been serving businesses and individuals throughout Hartford County for more than 20 years and can help you protect yourself if you lose your luggage, cancel a flight, or have a medical emergency while traveling. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (800) 243-3174 to request a travel insurance quote.

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