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Why Was Your Disability Claim Denied? December 13, 2018

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Why Was Your Disability Claim Denied?, Rochester, New York

Statistically speaking, your claim for Social Security disability benefits is more likely to be denied than accepted. Roughly one-third of all initial applications are approved, while the rest are rejected. Those who receive a denial have the right to file an appeal or reapply down the road; however, they must determine why their initial claim was not sufficient to be successful the second time around. If you’re unsure why your application was not accepted, a disability attorney can help by reviewing the specifics of the case. In the meantime, here are some of the more common reasons for receiving a denial. 

Why Your Disability Claim May Not Have Been Accepted

1. You Did Not Provide Adequate Evidence

Every successful disability claim contains irrefutable evidence that the claimant’s condition interferes with their ability to earn a living wage. This might include medical records, statements from various health care providers, and testimony from industry experts. Fortunately, a disability attorney will have the resources needed to gather such evidence on your behalf. 

2. You Did Not Follow the Doctor’s Orders

disability attorneyThe Social Security Administration will only provide benefits to those who make an active effort to improve their condition or avoid contributing to its severity. That means claimants must cooperate with their health care providers and follow doctor’s orders if they want to increase their chances of securing benefits. A disability attorney can help you gather proof that you are doing everything possible to maintain optimum health. 

3. You Did Not Meet the Unemployment Requirements

Social Security disability benefits are for those who can no longer earn a living wage, which means people who are still able to work are not eligible to receive them. In other words, your claim may have been denied because you are considered capable of substantial gainful activity. In most cases, maintaining employment and earning at least $1,180 per month will make you ineligible for benefits. 


If you want to secure benefits and need help navigating the application or appeals process, turn to the seasoned Social Security disability lawyers at Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates. A disability lawyer on their team will evaluate the situation to help you determine how to proceed. Located in Rochester, NY, this firm focuses solely on assisting clients with workers’ compensation and Social Security benefits. This ensures their disability attorneys have extensive experience in all relevant proceedings and are well-versed in the statutes that might affect clients. Visit their website to learn more about the comprehensive counsel they provide, or call (585) 232-3240 to schedule a case review. 

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