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3 Easy Ways To Keep Crawlspace Pipes from Freezing December 12, 2018

3 Easy Ways To Keep Crawlspace Pipes from Freezing, Green, Ohio

In addition to halting water flow throughout your home, a single frozen pipe might make the difference between a cozy winter afternoon spent in front of your fireplace and a surprise indoor flood. Since water expands as it freezes, frozen pipes can cause permanent damage, especially when they occur in difficult-to-reach areas like crawlspaces. Just a few tips and insulation can make sure those crawlspace pipes remain unfrozen.

Tips For Preventing Frozen Pipes In Crawlspaces

1. Keep Air Vents In Your Home Open

Not letting the warm air circulate can also impact the temperatures underneath your house, which could lead to frozen crawlspace pipes. Since some heat is lost through the floor and may be helping to prevent frozen pipes, always leave vents in your home open, even if rooms are underutilized. 

2. Invest In Proper Insulation Levels 

insulationSince crawlspaces frequently house important components like water pipes, vent work, and sewage lines, it is important to keep the entire area well insulated. To prevent problems, the United States Department of Energy recommends insulation rated at least R-11, or about 3” of insulation, underneath homes in warm climates, and R-25, or 6” to 8” worth of insulation in colder climates. 

3. Wrap Individual Pipes

In addition to insulating your crawlspace properly, consider asking professional insulation contractors to wrap pipes that are close to cold spots, such as underneath porches or near the edges of your home. If you have pipes that are prone to freezing, they can even be wrapped with special heat tape to prevent freezing. 


If you have struggled with frozen pipes in your crawlspace, don’t risk it. By working with the Cincinnati, OH, team at Priority 1 Construction Service, you can create a customized insulation plan that will meld with your home design and budget. From batts of insulation to modern spray foam, these expert insulation installers can help you with everything from new installation installs and upgrades to removal. To estimate the costs involved with your project, visit their website or give their office a call at (513) 922-0203.

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