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How Acupuncture Treats Pain November 30, 2018

Double R Blvd, Reno Southeast
How Acupuncture Treats Pain, Reno Southeast, Nevada

In Chinese Medicine all pain is considered a blockage of qi and blood flow in the meridians (meridians are pathways of energy emanating from the organs for which they’re named). There are a number of different ways to clear these blockages, restoring proper flow of energy, and relieving pain. Two of my go-to methods are: Traditional Chinese acupuncture and Tung style acupuncture (a venerable Taiwanese form). Broadly speaking, Traditional Chinese style usually relies on going to the area of pain, palpating for sore “ashi” points, and needling there, whereas Tung style has it’s own set of points usually at distal locations (away from the center of the body on the hands and feet) which are used to push and pull energy through blocked/painful areas. I rarely restrict myself to one or the other form, and most of my treatments use a mix of forms based on what works best and fastest.