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5 Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes December 14, 2018

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5 Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes, Washington, Indiana

Many old homes possess charm and a level of craftsmanship that newer structures don’t possess, making them attractive dwellings for some home buyers. However, older buildings also have distinct problems resulting from their age, especially in regard to their plumbing. If you live in an older home, you may find it necessary to purchase some plumbing supplies to address the following issues.

What You Should Know About Plumbing Problems in Older Houses

1. Galvanized Pipes

Galvanization is the method used to protect iron from rusting. It involves coating iron with a protective layer of zinc and is an effective strategy for preventing rust in water pipes. Over time, however, the zinc can wear away, allowing rust to form in the pipes of many older buildings. These pipes should be replaced with newer plumbing supplies to prevent rust stains, odd tastes, and discoloration in the water.

2. Damaged or Clogged Sewer Lines

The sewer line allows you to flush toilets and drain sinks. Various factors can harm it over time, impeding these functions. Tree roots are a common culprit — they often grow into sewer lines, cracking them open and breaking the system. Clogs can also form after years of flushing inorganic materials down the toilet and pouring grease and fats down the kitchen sink.

3. Lead Water Pipes

plumbing suppliesSome homes built toward the beginning of the 1900s still have lead components from their original piping. Traces of lead in a water supply can cause long-term health issues, which is why it’s critical to update these systems. In particular, lead can often be found in soldered joints, supply lines, and connections between pipes. If you have an older home, schedule a professional inspection to check for signs of lead. 

4. Pipe Bellies

The ground around a house may appear to stay level, but it actually settles lower over time, creating uneven surfaces. This can have an impact on pipes, causing them to bend downward and create sections where gravity impedes the flow of sewage. Pipe bellies create clogs and backups and will need to be corrected to maintain a functional plumbing system.

5. Outdated Fixtures

Older homes weren’t built with modern methods of water conservation in mind, which is why some of the plumbing fixtures inside them may be wasteful. After moving into an old home, one great way to lower your water bill and help the environment is to install updated plumbing supplies such as energy-efficient showerheads and sink faucets, or toilets that use less water when they flush.


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