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How to Tell If Your Water Well is Drying Up December 7, 2018

Davenport, Lincoln
How to Tell If Your Water Well is Drying Up, Davenport, Washington

Water wells typically last about 20 years before they need to be filled and sealed; however, some go dry before they reach the two-decade mark. Bored wells tend to dry up quickly because they are shallow and require rainwater to keep the water flowing. Water well drilling services tap into underground aquifers to provide more lasting sources. Knowing what signs to look for will let you contact water well drilling services before your well is dry.

What Are The Signs Of A Water Well Going Dry?

Sputtering Faucets

Faucets that begin sputtering routinely tell you air is in your plumbing system. While this could mean you have a deteriorating check valve or leaking pipe, it could also mean your water table is running low.

Change In Water Quality

water well drillingChanges to your water’s taste, smell, and appearance indicate a contamination issue, such as chemical runoff into the well. It could also mean the water level has dropped. Minerals and sediment at the bottom of wells change water quality with the lower levels.

Low Water Pressure

Hard water buildup in pipes will impede water’s ability to flow quickly, resulting in low water issues. The same is true of old or broken piping. If fixing either of these issues does not solve your low water pressure problem, your well is likely drying up.

Longer Pump Running Times

When the water level lowers, the well pump must work harder to bring the liquid to the surface and into your home, resulting in longer running times. If you notice your well pump running more than normal and there is nothing wrong with it, get your water table checked.

Water Problems In Your Area

Your neighbors may be able to shed light on your water issue. If several of the homeowners around you are also experiencing low water levels, the common groundwater source you share could be failing.


If you need water well drilling to create a new water source on your property, rely on Halme Electric and Pump to provide the service you need quickly and expertly. Proudly serving the greater Davenport, WA, area since 1985, this family-owned business offers water well drilling and well pump installation and repair, as well as electrical work. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every job. Call (509) 725-3500 today to schedule your water well drilling consultation.

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