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Electrical Issues That Require Professional Assistance December 7, 2018

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Electrical Issues That Require Professional Assistance, West Plains, Missouri

There are some household electrical issues that any homeowner is able to handle on their own, like changing a light bulb once it has expired. But as other problems develop over time, some call for a professional, such as a handyman or an electrician. Knowing which problems are best left to the experts will keep you safe and less likely to make the problem worse.

3 Common Electrical Problems That Mean You Should Call the Professionals

1. Exposed or Fraying Wires

Don’t attempt to fix exposed wires yourself. Coming into contact with these wires could cause a shock if you don’t take the right precautions, and poor technique securing them won’t mitigate their risk for an electrical fire. Have the handyman come, repair the damage in a safe manner, replace any stretches, and find a shelter for the exposed parts. 

2. Continual Flickers

If you notice a light in your home that’s always flickering, see if the bulb itself is the problem. Simply replace it and watch to see if the problem repeats. In the event the flickering continues, that means there is a warped wire leading to the fixture or the fixture itself is broken. Either way, you’ll want your handyman or electrician to solve this more sophisticated issue. 

3. Cable Chaos

handymanAs you add more appliances to your home, you may soon find your living room becoming a jungle of wires and extension cords. While you may get everything to work by just adding more surge protectors and extensions, before long, you’ll likely be dealing with a blown fuse. It’s smarter to have your handyman create additional outlets and even upgrade your circuit. That way, your system will be better able to handle the higher electrical load, and the mess of wires will be eliminated as a potential fire hazard and trip line. 


If you notice any of these electrical problems plaguing your home, it’s smarter to let a respected handyman like Able Construction in West Plains, MO, handle the issue rather than risking your safety. With licensed electricians on their staff, they’ll quickly identify and troubleshoot any electrical issue. To request their handyman services, just call (417) 255-3673 or send a message through the home improvement company’s website