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3 Typical Septic Tank Problems December 7, 2018

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3 Typical Septic Tank Problems, Coldwater, Mississippi

Since septic tanks are a more obscure part of a property, it isn’t always obvious what causes problems. However, having some awareness of typical issues will allow you to be a better steward of the system and help prevent frustrating plumbing issues in the future. Here’s a guide to some basic woes that can plague your tank. 

Septic Tank Issues to Watch Out For

1. High Sludge Layer

Since your septic tank will generally only need a pumping every couple of years, it’s easy to forget about it. But when the layer of solid waste, or sludge layer, continues to rise, it can cause severe problems. On one hand, the waste will start leaking into the drain field, upsetting the delicate chemical composition that allows it to treat waste liquids, or effluents. On the other, new waste won’t be able to reach the tank, so it may wind up returning to your toilet or other drains. The best way to prevent this unpleasant circumstance is to create a pumping schedule with your septic specialist and stick to it.

2. Destroyed Bacteria

septic tankWhen homes are facing irritating plumbing clogs, some residents turn to harsh chemicals to remove the blockage in their drains and toilets. While these products may remove the clog, there are safer ways to address the blockage, such as using a plumber’s snake. Chemicals end up killing much of the bacteria in the septic tank that allows the treatment process to work. Without that living microbiology, the tank will not do its job, which could have adverse effects on both soil and groundwater.  

3. Encroaching Roots

Because the septic tank is buried underground, it can seem impervious from harm. But even if trees are several feet away from the system, their roots can grow over time to the point that they dislodge your tank from its moorings. As the roots burrow deeper, the tank may have its piping connections disrupted. To avoid this issue, don’t plant any trees within 15 feet of the tank, and consider removing trees that may be too close. 


If you suspect that your septic tank isn’t working properly, reach out to A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Service. The Northern Mississippi-based company is certified, licensed, and insured, so you’re guaranteed to have a quality experience with each visit. Using sophisticated camera technology, the professionals are able to locate even the smallest signs of damage without conducting a burdensome excavation. To set up an appointment with the veteran crew, call (662) 895-8950. Learn more about their services by visiting their website

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